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Eargo SE

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Your Eargo SE devices are stored inside the Charger. Each Device has a Removal Thread pointing upwards. At the end of each Thread, there is a Removal Thread Grip that makes it easy for you to grasp it.

Lift Eargo up and out of the charger using the Removal Thread Grip:

Check the side marker on the Device. L is for left ear, R is for right ear. Ensure the Removal Thread is pointing downward for insertion.

Grasp your Device between your index finger and thumb with the L or R marker facing downward towards the floor. Gently press the Device, Trumpet first, into your ear canal and move it into place with your finger or thumb.

The microphone end should rest at your ear canal opening. For most ears, the Removal Thread Grip should rest comfortably in the notch:

Your Eargo will automatically turn on about 10 seconds after removal from the Charger’s Hearing Device Cradle. When it does, the internal voice indicator inside each device will announce which listening program you are in, for each ear.

To move from one program to the next, use your finger to rapidly double tap where indicated or use the Eargo App’s Programs Screen.

Additional Insertion and Fit Tips for Comfort:

Everyone’s ears are sized, shaped, and curved a little differently, so your Eargo insertion technique may vary - even from left to right ear. You can gently explore and refine the fit of your Eargo devices: back them out, push them in, or rotate them a little:

  • Lift the ear: pull the top of your ear upwards while inserting your Eargo to create space for the Device.

  • Angle the device: aim towards your nose while inserting it, to follow the pathway of your ear canal.

  • Open your mouth: lowering your jaw while inserting can also create space in the ear canal.

You might also consider trying a different-sized Trumpet on your Device. Learn how to switch them out HERE.

Just be sure they’re comfortable, secure, and you can reach the Device Removal Thread.

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