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Eargo SE: Inserting & Removing Eargo SE Devices in the Charger
Eargo SE: Inserting & Removing Eargo SE Devices in the Charger

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Written by Kathleen Boyce
Updated over a week ago

Your Eargo SE devices are stored inside the Charger. Each Device has a Removal Thread pointing upwards. At the end of each Thread, there is a Removal Thread Grip that makes it easy for you to grasp it.

Lift Eargo up and out of the charger using the Removal Thread Grip:

Check the side marker on the Device. L is for left ear, R is for right ear. Ensure the Removal Thread is pointing downward before inserting into your ear(s).

When you're done using the Devices, grasp the Removal Thread Grip and gently pull to remove. Before replacing Devices in the Charger, wipe them gently with the Cleaning Cloth.

When you're ready to charge your Eargo SE Devices, position them above the Charger. Ensure the Removal Thread is pointing upwards and the eartip is pointing out. Press the Device(s) into the Charger so that the R or L marker is centered and facing straight up. Use your thumb or finger to press firmly down on the marker.

Your Hearing Device(s) will automatically turn off when placed inside the Cradles. Place the lid on the Charger. You'll know that your Devices are charging when you see the Hearing Device Indicator Lights pulsing.

To learn more about what to expect when Charging, click HERE. Still have questions? Connect with your Hearing Professional or Log into My Account to create a Support Request.

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