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In this article, learn about the following Eargo SE Charger FAQs:

  1. How long do they take to charge?

  2. How Do I Check the Charge Levels?

  3. How Can I tell if my Hearing Devices are Actively Charging?

  4. How can I tell if my Charger is Actively Charging?

  5. What do blue lights mean?

  6. Why do the Indicator Lights Turn Off?

Charging Your Eargo SEs

A fully charged Eargo SE Charger provides up to 5 full charges to the Eargo SE Hearing Devices. It takes about 3 hours to charge a depleted Eargo SE Charger or Hearing Device(s), and about 4 hours to charge all 3 components. Your Charger continues to charge the Devices inside, even when unplugged from the wall.

Your Eargo SE Hearing Devices last up to 16 hours when fully charged. Hearing Devices may produce feedback noise (chirping or whistling) when placed into a depleted Charger. If this happens, plug in the Charger.

Choose somewhere other than the bathroom to charge, as long-term exposure to moisture can harm your Charger or Hearing Devices.

To see the charge level of your Eargo system with Devices inside the Charger, simply open or close the Lid to activate the indicator lights.

Hearing Devices actively charging:

When your Eargo SE Devices are correctly placed and actively charging (or fully charged), the Hearing Device lights on the far left and right sides of the Charger will provide you with information about their charge level and connectivity state. Pulsing lights indicate the Hearing Device(s) are actively charging.

Hearing Device battery level corresponds to the color of the lights:

  • Solid Green: fully charged

  • Pulsing Green: 67-99% charged

  • Pulsing Yellow: 34-66% charged

  • Pulsing Red: 1-33% charged

  • Hearing Device Double-flashing Red: Charging interrupted. Remove and replace Hearing Device(s) in Cradle.

Charger actively charging:

The Charger Indicator Light provides information about the charge level and connectivity state of the Charger. The Charger battery will charge when the Charger is plugged into power via the included USB cord. Pulsing lights indicate that the Charger battery is actively charging.

When Charger is plugged in:

  • Solid Green: fully charged

  • Pulsing Green: 67-99% charged

  • Pulsing Yellow: 34-66% charged

  • Pulsing Red: 1-33% charged

When Charger is unplugged in:

  • Solid Green: 67-100% charged

  • Solid Yellow: 34-66% charged

  • Solid Red: 1-33% charged

Connectivity State:

The indicator lights also tell you about system connectivity. Pulsing blue lights indicate a communication state. They are seen when the Charger is establishing a connection to the Hearing Devices and also during updates from the Eargo mobile app. You might see pulsing blue lights when you first interact with the Charger, such as lifting the lid in the morning when getting ready to use your Devices. You might also see the pulsing blue lights when placing the Eargo Devices into the Charging Cradles. This simply means your Charger is getting ready to display the current battery levels.

Solid blue lights indicate that the system is ready to pair to the app via Bluetooth. Follow the in-app prompts to complete pairing.

Indicator lights turn off after approximately 10 seconds.

This is to minimize battery drain and for convenience, so that the lights don’t disturb you, for example at your bedside while you sleep.

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