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Eargo 5, 6, 7, & SE

Written by Kathleen Boyce
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Depending on your product, the Eargo app’s home screen provides access to various Hearing Device controls including Programs, Volume, and Noise Filter. Each of these individual control screens functions similarly to the remote control for your TV in that you can personalize your Eargo Devices without even removing them from your ears! To find out exactly how it works and review additional tips for successful use, click HERE.

Changing the App Mode from the Menu:

If you've connected more than one Eargo 5, 6, 7, or SE product to the mobile app and want to switch between controlling one set of Hearing Devices versus another using the remote control feature, select the blue 'Change' button displayed to the right of your product's logo in the app's main Menu.

A list of your connected Eargo products will appear. Tap on the Hearing Device(s) you want to control with the Eargo app. Once a different product is selected, the Device list will automatically disappear. To manually exit, tap the 'X' in the upper right corner.

Changing the App Mode from the Control Screens:

To quickly change the app mode, simply tap on the current product logo displayed at the top of any of your main control screens. The same list of Eargo products you would see appear in the app's main Menu (as described above) will be displayed. Once a different product is selected, the Device list will automatically disappear and you'll see the control screen change in real-time

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