Selecting “Revert to Factory Presets” in the Devices menu will allow you to restore your Eargos back to the four Preset programs they’re shipped with. When reverting to Preset programs, all previous sound tuning and customization will be lost.

Amplification, especially for speech, will increase as you go from Preset 1 to Preset 4.

After reverting to Preset programs, we recommend you spend some time in each setting and select, for each ear, the one that is most comfortable for you when listening to speech in quiet conditions. You can designate your selection as the baseline or favorite when you edit your programs. Once selected, you’ll have access to additional environmental settings like Restaurant and Phone. These will use your selected favorite Preset program as their baseline.

Alternatively, you may take Sound Match™ to fully personalize your devices. If you’ve already completed Sound Match at least once, you can view your past results and even revert to a previous Sound Match session under “Sound Match” in the app menu.

You can access the Revert to Factory Presets feature in the mobile app’s Devices menu anytime.

Need help or further assistance? Call Eargo Support at 1-800-615-9000.

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