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How to Change Eargo 5, 6, & 7 Programs
How to Change Eargo 5, 6, & 7 Programs

How do I change the program to another program? What's a double tap? How do I perform the double tap?

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Eargo devices hold up to four listening programs. To move from one program to the next, use your finger to double-tap where indicated.

This is done on each ear individually. The internal voice indicator will announce the program that you’ve selected. Upon reaching the last program in the rotation, a further double-tap will bring you back to the beginning.

If you're having trouble:

  • Modify how rapidly you tap.

  • Adjust the position of where you are tapping.

  • Try a two-finger or open flat hand to double tap.

  • Try adjusting the insertion depth of the device.

  • Try double tapping directly on the back of the device.

Remember-- practice makes perfect!

You can also change programs from within your Eargo Mobile App:

From the Home Screen, tap Programs.

The screen shows you which programs are active inside your Eargo hearing devices. ​

You can have up to four programs.

Tap the program you’d like to use and the devices will change into that program.

Your devices will both move into the selected program. Each device will announce the name of the program you’ve selected to move into.

(To move programs in only one ear, you’ll need to use your finger to double tap in front of your ear).

To read more about using your Eargo app to change programs, click here.

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