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Eargo 5, 6, & 7: What are the Eargo app environmental settings and programs?

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Eargo’s Environmental Settings are programs designed with specific listening conditions in mind. When in one of these settings, the devices’ response will be optimized for the type of listening activity you are taking part in. For the most personalized experience, we recommend taking Sound Match.


Enhances soft, nearby speech while reducing unwanted background noise (e.g. coffee shop, cafe, etc.)

(Pro-tip: You’ll still need to sharpen your active listening skills. The more you expose your ears to complex listening situations, the better they’ll get at picking up on speech in background noise.)


Optimizes your Eargo's response and reduces feedback for when a phone is held to the ear


Enhances broadcast dialog and prioritizes clarity of speech (e.g. movies, streaming services, etc.)

(Pro-tip: allow others with normal hearing to set the TV volume, use Eargo’s Volume and Sound Tuning features to set your preferences).


Enhances nearby speech in small groups (e.g. book club, at work, etc.)


Optimizes the hearing device response to music, using more linear signal processing to reduce distortion and preserve the natural sound of instruments.

Mask (Available on Eargo 5 + Eargo 6 only)

Optimizes the hearing device response by providing a volume boost to restore the loudness lost over social distancing while using maximum noise reduction to improve clarity and comfort when listening to speech behind face masks.

Even more personalization:

You can always further personalize your devices and their Environmental Programs to your listening needs.

Click here to see how to make temporary, on-the-go volume changes.

Click here to see how to make temporary, on-the-go noise reduction changes.

Click here to learn about customizing your devices with lasting adjustments via Sound Tuning.

Need help or further assistance? Contact your Eargo Personal Hearing Professional, or log into My Account to create a Support Request.

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