Applying Sound Match Results

Eargo 5, 6, & 7

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For more information on Sound Match, click here.

To update your devices with Sound Match personalization, please put them inside the Charger to complete the process. The update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please ensure your Charger is close by and keep the Eargo app open during this process.

If you decide not to apply the Sound Match results, they will be discarded, and your Eargo devices will remain with the programs that are already inside.

You can take Sound Match at any time, as long as there is enough charge in your Charger and Eargo devices.

If you take Sound Match more than once, you will be able to view and apply previous sessions by going to Menu > Sound Match in the Eargo app.

You can always further personalize your devices and their programs to your hearing preferences.

Click here to learn about temporary, on-the-go changes to volume.

Click here to learn about temporary, on-the-go changes to noise reduction.

Click here to learn about Sound Tuning.

Need help or further assistance with Sound Match? Contact your Eargo Personal Hearing Professional or log into My Account to create a Support Request.

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