Why Are There No LEDs Lit Up?

Why did my charger lights go dark? How do I check the charge state?

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After putting your devices in the cradle, the charger will take a few seconds to assess the charge state of each device. The device indicator lights will show how much power you have in each Eargo (1 to 4 lights) and will turn off after approximately 10 seconds. The reason we turn the lights out is so the battery doesn’t drain just to keep the lights on...and so if you put it in your pocket you don’t have lights showing through your clothes or disturb you at your bedside while you sleep.

Just remove the charger lid, and the lights will come back on for about 10 seconds.

To learn more about charging Eargo 5 and Eargo 6 devices, you can read more about it here. If you want to learn more about the LED lights and how to insert the devices into the Neo and Neo Hifi charger, you can read all about it here.

If no LEDs are showing on the charger, the charger battery may be completely discharged. Plug the USB cord into the charger and into the 2-prong plug, then plug it into a powered wall outlet to charge.

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