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Getting Used To Your LINK by Eargo Devices
Getting Used To Your LINK by Eargo Devices

LINK by Eargo

Written by Kathleen Boyce
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Please be patient as you adapt to your earbuds. They are hearing aids, so when they are in hearing aid mode, they will provide access to soft, high-pitched sounds that you may have become unfamiliar with over time.

Hearing “too much” is a common sensation in the first weeks of wear. Your brain needs time to adjust and re-learn what to pay attention to and what to filter out. Many people report everyday sounds – running water, birds, beeps in the house (the microwave for example), sounding louder than they’re used to. It’s because the devices allow access to more of the sound spectrum, especially high-pitched sounds, and it can take a little time, maybe even a few weeks, to get accustomed to. That’s normal.

Spend some time in each of the four listening programs to see which is the most comfortable. Double tap the touch sensor area on either earbud to try each of the 4 programs. Choose the one that is most comfortable for listening to speech in quiet conditions. Amplification, especially for speech, increases as you go from Program 1 to 4. If you're new to hearing aids try Program 2. If you've worn them before try Program 3. We also provide a Mute program after Program 4 to turn volume off.

Directional processing for speech: your earbuds will process speech best if you are within 10 feet of the sound source and looking towards it. The noise reduction is sophisticated, but it cannot reduce background sounds to zero, just as normal-hearing ears cannot do this. Check out our article on Communication Tips to find out about some beneficial strategies for conversation.

Does your own voice sound different? You may notice your own voice more while wearing the earbuds. We recommend using the open style eartips in your preferred size to help with this if it’s bothersome. Switch to the closed style eartips for an optimal music streaming and Active Noise Cancellation experience, and choose the open style for listening to conversational speech.

Hearing a whistle or a buzz from the earbuds? Touching the earbud’s microphones can result in feedback– a whistling, ringing or buzzing sound. If you experience feedback often, we recommend using a larger size eartip, or a closed style eartip.

Refer to our article Find The Perfect Fit, for information about choosing and fitting LINK By Eargo eartip sizes and styles.

Using LINK By Eargo for Audio Streaming

The wonderful thing about these earbuds is that you can connect them to compatible Bluetooth devices (e.g. your smartphone) to stream the audio right to your ear through them! This can make listening to phone calls, music, audiobooks, and even TV shows a nice experience.

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