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Communication Tips: Make Conversations Easier
Communication Tips: Make Conversations Easier

Communication Tips

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Get the very best out of your Eargo experience by optimizing communication. Here are some useful strategies for you and your conversation partners that will help you hear life to the fullest.

  • Face-to-face communication always works best. Every one of us uses facial cues in speech understanding.

  • Conversation partners should understand that speaking clearly and slowly works better than shouting.

  • Conversations in the same room, with good lighting and minimal distractions, make listening easier.

  • It can be really helpful if a conversation partner gets your attention before speaking. A simple heads-up will give your ears and brain time to get with the conversation.

  • Knowing the subject matter of a conversation can help you with context to fill in the gaps.

  • If you missed something, stating what you did hear and requesting clarification works better than asking “What?”

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