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Eargo 5, 6, 7, & SE

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Do you own more than one Eargo system or have you recently received a replacement Device and quickly lost track of which Hearing Device is which? We get it - it’s easy to do! Let the ‘Get Device Info’ tool in the Eargo app handle the detective work and lead the investigation.

To get started, launch the Eargo app then open the Menu in the upper left corner. Next, select 'Devices', choose a product from the list, then tap 'Get Device Info'. Insert one Hearing Device into your desired Charger at a time and press ‘Start’. The Eargo app will take care of the rest by quickly displaying the name of the product that was detected, its serial number, and whether the Device is assigned to your left or right ear. If a problem is detected, we’ll even provide you with some helpful troubleshooting tips.

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