Your Eargo devices are stored inside the Charger. Each Eargo has a Device Removal Thread pointing upwards. At the end of each Thread, there is a Removal Thread Grip that makes it easy for you to grasp it.

Lift Eargo up and out of the charger using the Removal Thread Grip:

Before inserting your Eargo, you’ll need to flip it so that the Device Removal Thread is pointing downwards. Don’t skip this important step!:

Once you’ve flipped it, you’ll see a marker, right-side-up, indicating which ear the device is intended for. L is for Left, R is for Right.

  • Grasp your Eargo by its Device Removal Thread, with the L or R facing you. Remember to keep the Device Removal Thread pointing down.

  • Gently insert it, Petal first, into your ear canal. Press it into place with your finger or thumb.

The Removal Thread Grip should rest comfortably in the notch:

Your Eargo will automatically turn on about 15 seconds after removal from the Charger’s Hearing Device Cradle. When it does, the internal voice indicator inside each device will announce which listening program you are in, for each ear.

To move from one program to the next, use your finger to rapidly double tap where indicated or use the Eargo App’s Programs Screen.

Once it’s time to take your Eargos out, use your finger and thumb to grasp the Removal Thread Grip. Gently pull up and out to remove:

After removal, wipe your Hearing Device gently with the Cleaning Cloth found in your box. Next, brush around the mic cap. Twist mic cap back and forth.

Next, flip it so the Device Removal Thread is pointing upwards. Position it over the Charger with the Petal pointing in. Release the device. Feel a slight magnetic pull as it settles into place.

Make sure that the Device Removal Threads are centered inside the Lid when you close the Charger:

To read more about insertion techniques click here. To read about cleaning your Eargo Devices and Charger click here.

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