Everyone’s ears are sized, shaped and curved a little differently, so your Eargo insertion technique may vary - even from left to right ear.

To see it done, view the Insert & Remove devices video here:

You can gently explore and refine the fit of your Eargo devices: back them out, push them in, or rotate them a little:

Just be sure they’re comfortable, secure, and you can reach the Device Removal Thread:

To help with fit, here are some suggestions from our Licensed Hearing Professionals:

Lift the ear: pull the top of your ear upwards while inserting, to create space for the device.

Angle the device: aim towards your nose while inserting it, to follow the pathway of your ear canal.

Open your mouth: lowering your jaw while inserting can also create space in the ear canal.

You might also want to try different style Eargo Petals on your tip:

Difficulty locating the Removal Thread Grip? Try holding the device like this, with the removal thread in between your thumb and index finger, when inserting the device:

To ensure the Removal Thread is accessible, it can be helpful to rest it against the pad of your finger when inserting. This way it can’t tuck under.

Feeling a tickle? The ear canal can take a little time to get used to Eargo, and the feeling usually goes away in a few days.

Eargo is designed to be invisible, inserted completely and discreetly within the ear canal. Ear canals absorb the light and appear dark to the onlooker, which is precisely why we made Eargo black. It blends in with the natural shadow of your ear canal opening, rendering it virtually invisible to the naked eye. And the fully clothed eye. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your eye is wearing!

To read more about Inserting and removing Eargo click here.

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