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Scheduling an Orientation Call
Scheduling an Orientation Call

What is an Orientation Call (formerly Welcome Call) and why should I schedule one?

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When you purchased Eargo you will have been scheduled for, or offered a link to schedule, an Orientation Call appointment. The email address you gave us is where we have sent you this information, right around the time of your order.

The Orientation Call links you up with your assigned Personal Hearing Professional (PHP) and you’ll have the opportunity to ask them any questions or for specific advice you may need. Your PHP will remain available as you begin your hearing journey.

Eargo’s Licensed Hearing Professionals have decades of experience to assist you every step along the way. They’re patient, friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable!

You can also view our Orientation Video below.

This short video covers the basics of getting started, like inserting and removing devices, charging, cleaning, Eargo mobile app basics, and what to expect as you start wearing them.

(Experiencing trouble viewing this video? Click here to view in a separate window)

Don’t have an Orientation Call scheduled?

Contact us at 1-800-615-9000 to set up an appointment for a telephone or a video call. (Please note that the video call feature becomes available to users who have successfully paired their Eargo charger to the Eargo Mobile App). Or log into My Account to create a Support Request.

For detailed information on everything you need to know about your Eargos, including troubleshooting and more, check out your User Guide in the Eargo app.

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