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Devices - Adding a new or replacement Device
Devices - Adding a new or replacement Device

Eargo 5, 6, & 7: What do I do with my replacement device or charger so it works with my Eargo app?

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If you have recently requested an in or out-of-warranty replacement Hearing Device or Charger, follow the steps below to connect your new Device(s) to the Eargo app when you receive them.

Pro Tip: To avoid a mix-up, be sure to set aside any non-working components before getting started.

1. Make sure your Charger is charged up.

2. Place any new Eargo Device(s) inside your Charger.

3. Launch the Eargo app. Go to the Menu -> Devices -> then select 'Add'

4. Tap on the image(s) for the Device(s) that you’ve just received and would like to add. Your selection will be confirmed with an orange check mark as pictured. When ready, select “Add.”

Note: Waiting for an item in your replacement order to arrive? You can add what you have now. When the rest of your order arrives, return to the Devices screen to add any remaining components.

4. The mobile app will search for nearby Chargers and prompt you to connect. If an old Charger is detected, simply select “Find Another” to search again until your target Charger is identified with a blue light.

5. Seeing a Device error message? Follow the in-app instructions to resolve the problem. Once everything checks out okay the new Device(s) will be connected.

6. If a Hearing Device was selected, the mobile app will configure your replacement Eargo with the most recent program update available. Any recent temporary volume and noise filter adjustments will not be applied. Please keep your Hearing Devices inside your Charger with the lid secured during the programming process.

7. The mobile app will alert you when finished. Voila! You’re synced up and ready to go!

Don’t forget to return any non-working Devices to Eargo using the pre-paid return shipping label provided to you by email.

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