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Location Services (Android)

Why do I need to allow my location in the app?

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As part of a security measure issued by Android, permission to access your mobile device’s Location Services is now required to use the Eargo app. Location Services are necessary to scan for nearby WiFi or Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) devices, including your Eargo Charger. Denying access will prevent you from connecting your new Eargo devices to the app.

If for any reason you alter your device’s Location Services permissions after connecting your Charger, Eargo app functionality will be very limited. Follow the suggested guidelines below to adjust your settings and resolve any connectivity issues.

Please note: Your Android “Settings” menu options may vary based on your device’s make and model. If you need further assistance, please consider asking a family member or friend for assistance or contact the store where your device was purchased (e.g. cellular service provider) for support.

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