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How to Schedule and Join a Video Call Visit with Eargo Support
How to Schedule and Join a Video Call Visit with Eargo Support
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Video Call appointments are now available in the Eargo App for Neo, Neo HiFi, Eargo 5, Eargo 6, Eargo 7, and Eargo SE products. A Video Call visit is a great way to receive personalized care face-to-face from the comfort of your own home and can be used to get expert advice or troubleshoot a concern with our friendly Eargo Support team.

Step 1: Download the Eargo App

After you successfully download the Eargo App, open it and follow the instructions to connect and pair your Charger. If you run into any roadblocks during the pairing process, give us a call at 1-800-615-9000 and we’ll help get you squared away!

Step 2: Schedule a Video Call Appointment

Eargo 5, 6, 7, and SE customers can schedule a Video Call from the Eargo app by selecting the Menu button (3 lines in the top left corner), tapping on "Help", selecting “Contact Eargo” and then selecting "Schedule In-App Video Call". You can also schedule a Video Call visit directly from the Eargo Neo HiFi App. Tap on “Contact” from the home screen and then select “Video.”

Once you have selected to schedule a Video Call, you can choose an available date and time from the calendar. We recommend that you schedule an appointment for a time when you know you’re going to be home to minimize distractions. Once you confirm your selection, you can add an appointment reminder to your device’s preferred calendar. The Eargo App will also remind you when to join your call. To view your appointment details or if you need to modify or cancel your call, visit the “Video” section on the App’s “Contact” page at any time.

You may also schedule a Video Call visit by calling Client Care at 1-800-615-9000.

Step 3: Join your Video Call Appointment

Five minutes before your appointment start time, you’ll receive a reminder to join your Video Call visit. You may join the call directly from the Push Notification received on your device or you can simply launch the Eargo App and tap on “Alerts” or “Contact” from the home screen. The first time you join a scheduled Video Call visit, you’ll be asked to allow Eargo access to your device microphone and camera. Please note that this is required to complete this type of call. If you encounter any technical difficulties while trying to join, please call Client Care at 1-800-615-9000 for help.


Tips for a Successful Eargo Video Call Visit

We recognize that a telecare visit may be a new experience for you so we have provided some expert tips below to ensure it’s a success. We look forward to seeing you soon!

1. Charge Up

Prior to your appointment, please be sure to charge your Eargo devices and Charger. You should also charge the cell phone or tablet you’ll be using for the Video Call and make sure you have a strong cellular or WIFI connection.

2. Check the Lighting

Choose a well-lit space and sit facing the light source so that your Eargo Support representative can clearly see you and anything else you may need to show them during your appointment, like your charger or hearing device.

3. Minimize Distractions and Noise

We recommend that you schedule an appointment for a time when you know you’re going to be home but we know that may not always be possible. Choose a quiet space that provides you with privacy where personal information can be shared. Be mindful of sound around you - turn off the TV or radio, put pets outside or in a different room, close your door, etc. We know this appointment is important and we don’t want either of us to miss any information!

4. Get Comfortable

Eargo Video Call appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes to make sure we have enough time to address all of your questions and concerns. Consider propping your phone or tablet on a surface nearby rather than holding the device for the duration of the visit. Please also remember that this is a two-way video call. No need to get dressed to the nines, but be aware that you can see us and we can see you.

5. Come Prepared

Have your Eargo Charger, Hearing Devices, cleaning tools, and anything else you may want to show during your scheduled Video Call nearby. Consider making a list of questions or concerns in advance to share with your Eargo Support Representative to make the most of your appointment time.

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