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Protecting Your Eargos from Heat, Sweat, Water, Sprays, and Lotions
Protecting Your Eargos from Heat, Sweat, Water, Sprays, and Lotions

What do I do if I wore in the shower or they get wet? The best way to store my Eargos? Ways to avoid moisture getting in my hearing aids?

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Eargo devices are not waterproof.* Avoid exposure to water and long term exposure to moisture to prevent damage to your hearing device(s) and charger. Do not store your Eargo devices or the charger in your bathroom. This is a humid environment and can cause damage to your Eargo system. When not in use, store your Eargo devices in the charger. Store the entire system in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat to avoid extreme temperatures when not in use. Be sure to keep it out of reach of pets and children.

*Eargo 6 has a water-resistant rating of IPX7, meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter of depth for up to 30 minutes.

*Eargo 7 has a Water-resistant & Sweat-resistant rating of IPX7.

To preserve your Eargo devices’ battery and Eargo Charger battery when it is not in use for a long time:

Once a month plug your charger into the wall to charge. Take out and reinsert the hearing devices to force the devices to charge at the same time.

Avoid wearing while using beauty products:

Do not expose the hearing device(s) to contaminants such as hairspray, mousse, gel, lotions, etc. Wait to put your Eargos in after your ears have had some time to dry out following your shower. Do not dry your hearing device(s) with a hairdryer as heat may cause damage. Place them in your ears with clean and dry hands after you’re done using any beauty products or lotions.

Never put anything in a wet ear:

Typically, you should wait at least 15-30 mins after showering to insert your devices so that your ear canals can fully dry. If you do submerge your head underwater (like with swimming) or if your ear canals have been completely soaked (using an Over-the-Counter ear canal rinse to remove wax or having your ears rinsed out at your doctor's office), please wait several hours before you reinsert your Eargo devices. Not only do you want to avoid exposing your Eargo devices to the moisture, but moisture trapped in the ear canals can lead to an outer ear canal infection. Always allow your ear canals time for air to circulate and to completely dry out before using anything in your ears like hearing aids, headphones, or earbuds.

Do not wear them while swimming or in the shower:

If you mistakenly wear your devices in the shower, don't panic! Immediately remove the devices from your ears with dry hands. Remove the Flexis and dry the devices and Flexis completely with a soft, dry cloth. Place the device(s) somewhere dry and safe (away from pets and children) and let them air-dry for several hours. When dry, place them in your ears to see if they're still working. If they were very wet, you may want to leave them to dry for several days, charge them overnight, and then test them. If they still do not work, call 1-800-615-9000 to speak with Client Care and to file a claim. Replacements are available for a $295 deductible per device and will be applied to your one-time loss and damage policy.

Do you encounter everyday humidity or work up a sweat with your Eargos in?:

It’s ok to keep your Eargos in your ears if you’re caught in a light rain or taking a walk on a sunny day. If possible, avoid exposing your hearing devices to unnecessary humidity or excessive sweat. If you live in an area of high humidity or are exposing your hearing devices to moisture rich or sweaty environments, it may be best to use a dri-aid jar to keep the moisture from corroding the components inside your devices.

Dri-aid Jar - Recommendation: Stay-Dri hearing aid dehumidifier

This option is large enough to put your hearing devices into your charger, and then place the charger* inside the dri-aid jar to allow your hearing devices to charge overnight. This is a more cost effective solution and you would replace the jar about once a year.

* You may need to remove the charger lid for Eargo Neo HiFi, Neo, and Max to fit. Leave the lid on for Eargo7, Eargo 6, Eargo 5.

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