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How to Wash Your Tips & Mic Caps
How to Wash Your Tips & Mic Caps

Does your tip or Mic Cap look like it needs some extra TLC? Is brushing off your tips and Mic Caps not doing enough?

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Yes, you can wash the Flexis and Petal tips as well as your Mic Caps.

  1. Remove the tips or Mic Caps from the devices. (Do not get your devices wet!)

  2. Drop the tips or Mic Caps in a small glass of hot water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

  3. Let them soak for 3-5 minutes.

  4. Rinse them off well.

  5. Dry them well with a towel.

  6. Reattach the tips or Mic Caps on your Eargo devices (Make sure they are secure before you place the device in your ear again).

When your tips become stiff (typically after 3-6 months), it's time to put on a new tip! We recommend changing them before that, about every month or so.

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