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Inserting Your LINK By Eargo Devices
Inserting Your LINK By Eargo Devices

LINK by Eargo

Written by Kathleen Boyce
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You may need to practice inserting LINK By Eargo earbuds to get the ideal fit. We had to! But once we got the hang of it, it became easier to do. There’s a knack to it. Read on to learn more.

First, open the charger and remove an earbud. These earbuds are like shoes - one is for the right side and the other for the left. They aren’t interchangeable, so check the R/L marker next to the gold charging contact, and be sure that R goes to your Right ear and L goes into your Left ear.

The earbud should feel snug in your ear and remain securely in place.

Still not sure it's in correctly?

  • Try using your other hand to pull the top of your ear upwards to create space for the device, then rotate it into place using the other hand.

  • You can also try gently pulling down on your earlobe while rotating and pressing it into your ear.

When in correctly the earbud will rest comfortably in the bottom of the bowl of your ear, like the photo at the top of this page.

We also have a video of insertion. Check it out at

Refer to our article Find the perfect fit, for information about choosing and fitting LINK By Eargo eartip sizes and styles.

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