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Eargo 5/6/7 Low Sound - Troubleshooting
Eargo 5/6/7 Low Sound - Troubleshooting
Why isn't my hearing aid working? Why does my hearing aid sound weak or soft or have no sound?
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Here are some troubleshooting links to help with a hearing aid that shows a full-charge, but has no/low sound.

Eargo 6 label
sound inlet outlet

Please follow these instructions, in order, and keep us posted on your progress.
1. Take the petals and mic caps off of the hearing aids and soak the petals/mic caps in warm soapy water. Rinse and let air dry.
2. Brush off each end of the hearing aid where the petal and mic cap typically attaches to and brush off the sensor inside the charger
3. Leave the hearing aids out of the charger and ear for 4 hours. This allows the aids to thoroughly dry. (Be sure it is sitting somewhere safe, and won't be knocked off a counter.)
4. Dip the bristles of your brush into isopropyl alcohol and brush the sound outlet, be sure to hold the device sideways
5. Let it dry
6. Brush again with a dry brush (if you have an unused toothbrush, that works really well)
7. Repeat several times, if needed.
8. Place the hearing aids in the charger without the petal on it
9. Keep the charger plugged in and lid off while the hearing aids are charging.
10. Additional Cleaning Tips:

  • Airsquares Earbud Cleaning Putty or Bostik Blue-Tack Putty - Specially formulated cleaning putty that is designed to remove wax, dirt, dust, and other gunk from the speaker grille and surfaces of AirPods.

    • Tested and has been found effective on our hearing aids

    • Gently stick/remove cleaning putty up to 10 times on the Sound Outlet (speaker) and Sound Inlet (microphone)

    • Wipe and repeat as needed

  • Easy Wipe 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe - 70% IPA Easy Wipes clean, sanitize and disinfect any surface

NOTE: If sound or charging is diminished when you put the petal back on the hearing aid, you have a blockage in the petal and you need to replace it.

This process will remove any oils that have been able to build up on the sound outlet or inlet. These oils are clear, so you can't really see the build up, and a dry brush will not always remove it.

*Don't forget to review our Warranty Information: Click HERE

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