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Eargo 5, 6, & 7: How do I get started with the Eargo App?
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Welcome to the Eargo app!

If you have your Charger nearby and you’re ready to get started, make sure your mobile device is connected to WiFi or cellular data and Bluetooth is enabled. Select “Connect Charger” to continue. Once your Charger is successfully connected, the app will introduce you to Sound Match so that you can personalize your Eargos for your unique hearing preferences and lifestyle. Sound Match takes about 10-15 minutes to complete using the latest version of the Eargo app and is highly recommended to get the most from your new Eargos! If you’re pressed for time, we’ve got you covered. Eargo devices come with four Preset Programs for you to try straight out of the box. You can personalize your devices with Sound Match at any time through the app Menu.

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