This article applies to the following Eargo products:

If you want the highest fidelity product we offer, Eargo Neo HiFi is right for you! Eargo Neo HiFi comes standard with a 2-year unlimited warranty as well. If you own a smartphone and would like the option to have personalized settings via Eargo's smartphone app (iOS or Android), both Eargo Neo HiFi and Eargo Neo will support that. If you're just looking for a great mid-priced product for high-frequency hearing loss, Eargo Max may be your preferred solution.

Here's a snapshot of how the 3 products compare (best viewed on desktop):

Give our Personal Hearing Guides a call at 1-800-349-0901 for a free consultation. We promise, no one will know you’re wearing them…unless they have x-ray vision. In which case, this is a great way to tell which of your friends are secret superheroes.

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