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After removing the Eargo from your ear, flip the device so the removal thread is facing up and the R or the L is upside down. Place the device into the charger with the white Flexi facing out and the removal thread facing up. Push down on the black body of the device. When the device is correctly positioned in the charger, the charger cradle light will turn on.

For products:

When it comes time to charge your Eargo devices, simply insert them into the charger, one Eargo at a time. Gently wiggle them into the cradles with the domes facing inward and the removal threads out and up. Do not force them into place – a little wiggle, and they slide right into place.

When inserting your Eargo into the cradle, gently push straight down on the black body of the Eargo above the gold contacts, not on the white Flexi Fibers.

When the charging light under the Eargo changes from blue to white, charging will begin. This charging light may flash blue for a few seconds before turning solid white when you first insert the Eargo. This is normal. But, if this charging light continues to flash blue for an extended period of time, or remains solid blue, the Eargo is not inserted correctly. Remove and re-insert the Eargo.

You will know you’re all set when the charging lights under the Eargo devices remain solid white, and the indicator lights on the outside of the charger start scrolling.

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