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The Eargo device should be inserted almost completely in the ear canal, so the very back of the Eargo is flush with the opening of the ear canal. The Eargo will be almost completely invisible. The main part of the Eargo that may be visible is the very back. In fact, this is why we make the Eargo device black (and not various skin colors). You see, the ear canal appears quite dark since it receives little light, so a black Eargo is better camouflaged as it more closely resembles a dark ear canal than a skin-colored one would.

Request your free sample for fit and feel, or call our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-349-0901. We promise, no one will know you’re wearing them…unless they have x-ray vision. In which case, this is a great way to tell which of your friends are secret superheroes.

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