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Does Eargo work with insurance?
Does Eargo work with insurance?

Ordering Eargo, Does insurance pay for Eargos?

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General Insurance Support

If you believe you have a hearing benefit under your insurance plan that may be used towards Eargo hearing aids, we can verify your insurance. If you do have a hearing benefit that you can use towards Eargo hearing aids, we will require a recent hearing evaluation performed by a licensed audiologist or ENT that contains a written diagnosis to submit your claim. Eargo cannot guarantee insurance coverage and cannot know for sure how much your insurance will cover until your insurance company responds to a submitted claim. We do have other payment options that include financing and we can also help arrange payment plans and provide a 45-day trial period with a 100% money back guarantee. Information and pricing for our hearing aids can be found by clicking here - Please call us at 866-639-4598 to see how we can help you.

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