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Yes! We have a team of licensed Personal Hearing Health Professionals who are available to help! When you first start wearing any hearing device, the brain needs time to get reacquainted with audio frequencies that it hasn't heard in years. Successfully acclimating to those new sounds is truly the difference between hearing life to the fullest versus looking for the receipt to return the "danged things." Even before you place an order, we're there for you. If you have an audiogram, email your results to (or fax it to 1-888-516-6521) and we'll provide recommendations to improve your hearing health. Don't forget to include contact information so we can easily get in touch with you.

Keep your hearing loss under wraps with our discreet, virtually invisible hearing aids. Give our Personal Hearing Guides a call at 1-800-349-0901 for a free consultation. It will be our little secret (we’ll never tell).

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