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Eargo is a hearing aid, not just an amplifier. What's the difference? (we knew that would be your next question) Eargos are Class 1 medical devices that are regulated by the FDA. This means we've taken the necessary steps to make sure our devices meet certain standards, the same ones that all traditional hearing aid brands have to meet. Amplifiers, or Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs), do not meet these criteria and are not subject to FDA regulations. 

PSAPs are meant to amplify environmental sounds for "non-hearing-impaired" other words, they make "everything" louder and louder is not necessarily better. We have a team of hearing nerds whose sole job is designing leading-edge hearing solutions, including background noise control, that amplify the parts you're having trouble with, so what you end up with is a more natural sounding experience.

Keep your hearing loss under wraps with our discreet, virtually invisible hearing aids. Request your free sample for fit and feel, or call our Personal Hearing Guides at 1-800-734-7603. It will be our little secret (we’ll never tell). 

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