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If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, from aging, noise exposure, or sensory/nerve loss, we're going to answer with a resounding, "Probably!" (We don't hard sell here at Eargo.) But we do appreciate and applaud your interest in our revolutionary hearing devices. Eargos truly are reinventing how people think about hearing aids, thanks to the fact that they're... 


Okay, not invisible in the sense that you can see completely through them, although that would be a nifty engineering feat, but invisible in the way that nobody has to know you're wearing them at all. In fact, someone has to look really closely at your ear to spot the small removal thread that helps you remove your Eargos. If anyone does get that near to you, say a stranger at the supermarket, we recommend politely asking them to take a giant step back.  

Easy to Use: 

If you're looking for a challenge, we suggest the Sunday crossword. If you want an easy-to-use hearing aid, look no further than Eargos. From the moment you have them delivered straight to your door, to the highly-trained assistance you'll receive from our Personal Hearing Professionals, to enjoying conveniences like rechargeable batteries, you'll appreciate how we've considered every aspect of these advanced listening devices. And now, if you ever need a six-letter word for a "Cutting-edge, easy-to-use hearing aid" the answer's also a piece of cake. 

Natural Sounding and Comfortable: 

Our patented Flexi Fibers are the not-so-secret sauce behind our superior clarity and comfort. (Go ahead, tell your friends, we don't mind.) They cleverly suspend each Eargo device in the ear canal, letting air and sound flow naturally to your eardrum. That means you hear true lower bass tones while we focus on amplifying high frequency tones (that's important for mavens of the opera and the art of conversation.) And if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, we're sure you'll agree that our comfortable Flexi Fibers feel a whole lot better than having a chunk of plastic blocking your ear. 


When we say Eargos are reinventing hearing aids, it's not just our patented technology we're talking about. Eargo devices cost less than traditional hearing aids, and that's a fact we're extremely proud of. When you figure in financing plans as low as $77/month, we're able to help even more people hear life to the fullest. What's more, every Eargo system comes with two hearing devices (because it's socially awkward to ask friends to speak into one particular ear), as well as a charging case that's as beautiful as it is convenient, replacement Flexi Fibers and one-on-one support and training from our team of licensed professionals. We could go on and on, but how about you learn more online and request a fit and feel sample here. Have questions? We're listening. Contact us today at 1-800-61-EARGO and request a non-working sample pack to see how comfortable Eargos are to wear. 

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